Why Should You Care About Lead Intelligence & How Can We Help You

Why Should You Care About Lead Intelligence & How We Can Help You

Imagine knowing the engagement level a prospect has with your business. 

With that kind of insight into potential leads, you could increase the effectiveness of your prospecting and close more deals. 

When researching how to boost sales for your business, there is nothing more integral than leads, and a source for warm leads can be an invaluable asset to a company. 

However, there is something that can be even more vital to success in sales… a qualified lead. 

What is a qualified lead? 

A qualified lead is more than just a potential customer, it’s a prospect that has shown an interest in a product or service and is more likely to convert into a purchase. 

These individuals or businesses are already searching for what you provide and may have landed on your page. A qualified lead has characteristics that indicate a higher likelihood of a genuine opportunity for conversion, making them a prime focus for targeted sales and marketing teams.

Your competitors are likely using a lead intelligence tool already, ensuring they have efficient resources directing them towards their prospects. They are curating a targeted approach to support the sales processes, enhancing customer acquisition and contributing to the overall success of the market. 

Now, more than ever in this increasingly competitive environment is time to invest in a tool to streamline your business’s lead generation before your prospects end up with your competitors.  

How our Diginius Insight Lead Intelligence tool gives you qualified leads 

Why you should be using lead intelligence

Let’s take a step back, what exactly is Lead Intelligence? 

It refers to a process of collecting, analysing, and leveraging information about potential customers to enhance sales and marketing strategies. 

It’s quickly become the go-to strategy for supporting B2B lead generation activities in a crowded marketplace and is vital in going alongside your paid and organic strategies. 

Using a Lead Intelligence tool is beneficial for B2B companies as prospects often experience longer consideration times due to a more complex decision-making process. B2B decisions are often a collaborative effort within companies that have multiple stakeholders involved in the decision evaluating different solutions, research, extensive discussions and making sure it aligns with your company’s needs. 

There is a longer waiting time and, in this consideration stage, our Diginius Insight Lead Intelligence tool can scope out which prospects are on your website.  

It’s good to use a tool to identify these prospects at this stage, whilst they’re warm and researching your product or solution. 

The Diginius Insight Lead Intelligence Software tool does exactly that, telling you:

  • Who has visited your site?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • How long they were there for?

At Diginius we believe every lead has potential and our software provides IP address tracking that allows you to trace the users to your site so that you can turn qualified leads into clients. As well as this, an advanced filtering option makes the process of managing your incoming leads more streamlined and effective. 

The Lead Intelligence tool gives you the chance to track and target qualified leads who are already close to converting, transforming how you do business.

In the increasingly competitive world of sales, Diginius Insight Software can give your company the edge against your competitors.

Get in touch if you want to discover how Diginius can make you more leads, higher conversions, and better results with innovative enterprise-grade solutions and data-driven insights. 

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.