Diginius Insight Software

With our innovative Insight Software, Diginius removes the need to both check and understand multiple unconnected platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and online marketplaces, such as Amazon.

By keeping everything organised in a single interface that’s easy to use, Diginius Insight Software comes with a wide range of business benefits.

Are you having difficulty finding new leads?

Marketers are under great pressure to send actionable leads to the sales team. Our Insight Software enables our clients to see exactly which companies have visited their website, both organically and through paid search.

From here, you can use this information to optimise your campaigns, ultimately creating more lead opportunities for you to capitalise on.

Providing genuine opportunities

Our Insight Software produces GDPR compliant, reported information from which the company has made publicly available. This means no personal emails or mobile numbers, just great opportunities for your sales team to reach out to.

This is particularly great for businesses that often rely on one strong lead that generates enough profit to support the business for the entire year.

Are you an agency?

We have made our Diginius Insight Software suitable for the agency environment.

Traffic Insights

When you sign into the Diginius Insight platform you'll be greeted by our Traffic Insights tab which provides various metrics based on the visits to the site, and the helpfully visualised data provides a snapshot of your site's visit performance.

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Digital PPC KPIs

Digital PPC KPIs gives insight into advertising performance. Here, we're able to give the user aggregated data across multiple advertising platforms. Want to know how a particular client is doing across Google, Microsoft, and Facebook? With our dashboards, it's easy to read the data and make informed decisions.

Sales and Goals

Provides a breakdown of individual client goals and insight into the what, why, and where of sales and goal performance. Detailed graphs show breakdowns of conversion rates, source data, device, and time of day.

Google Ads Explorer

Give access to the Google Ads platform to anyone with our Google Ads explorer. Delve deep into ads performance on Google, helpfully aggregating multiple areas of the Google Ads platform into easy to understand reports.

SEO Site Health

To help you to understand how technical SEO is impacting your site, our SEO Health module crawls your site to identify any errors or warnings that may be flying under the radar. With our detailed insights, we provide descriptions of errors, where to find them on your site and get them fixed. With our Diginius Health score, it's easy to visualise your site performance.

SEO Keywords

Have you ever wanted to understand how to rank organically for keywords? With our SEO Keyword module, you can. Our system will tell you how you rank, providing information into your real-time rank on Google and weekly changes. With competitor insights too, we can provide a holistic view of your digital footprint.

Social Media Tracker

Track your organic social engagement with our social media tracker. With page insights from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, see how users are engaging with your content online.

Lead Intelligence

Our Lead Intelligence tool provides insight into B2B site visitors, and powerful IP tracking analytics allow us to match visitors to businesses and provide a profile for B2B prospecting. Increase results from marketing campaigns with the ability to catch and follow up with site visitors.

Other Solutions

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.