Connected TV advertising

What is connected TV? How does CTV advertising work

Video content has become a dominant force, with video consumption becoming the preferred medium to consume content. Time spent watching digital video is expected to hit almost three and a half hours per day by 2024.

With users increasingly turning to video platforms for entertainment and information, Microsoft Advertising recognizes this trend and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and deploying impactful video ads.

As more consumers turn to video, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help you grow your brand and stay ahead of the curve. 

With the rise of Connected TV (CTV) and the increasing popularity of video content consumption, Microsoft Advertising emerges as a key player, providing innovative solutions for advertisers.

Connected TV (CTV) and Video Ads:

Microsoft Advertising’s video and CTV ads offer insights into data from online searches, which provide a strong signal of intent, to enable advertisers to get their brand in front of high-value CTV audiences. 

The precision of Microsoft targeting is impressive, with options such as remarketing, similar audiences, in-market audiences, customer matches, demographic targeting, location targeting, and genre targeting.


Connected TV

Engage your audience with Connected TV (CTV) ads, ensuring your message hits home with maximum impact in full-screen, non-skippable video ads, streaming TV shows, and movies.


Combine the impact of video with the first-party data from Microsoft’s Audience intelligence to deliver results that reach highly qualified audiences and drive brand awareness.

Advertisers are presented with a unique opportunity to engage with their audience in a highly targeted and measurable way.

What are CTV ads?

Key Features of CTV

Audience Targeting: Microsoft Advertising CTV ads enable precise targeting, allowing advertisers to tailor their message based on demographics, interests and user behaviour. Targeting in this way makes sure that ads are shown to the most relevant audience, maximizing the impact of the campaign.

Engaging Ad Formats: The platform supports a range of ad formats, including interactive video ads and immersive experiences. This not only captures the viewer’s attention but also enhances brand recall and user engagement.

Data-Driven Insights: Microsoft Advertising provides robust analytics and reporting tools, offering advertisers valuable insights into campaigns. This data-driven approach allows for continuous refinement and optimization of ad strategies.

Cross-Device Tracking: With cross-device tracking capabilities, advertisers can gain insights into user behaviour across different devices. This provides a holistic view of the customer journey, allowing for more effective optimization.

A cross-device strategy is essential, especially in the era of second screening – 90% of GenZ adults in the US use the internet and TV at the same time. 80% of users read news online whilst watching TV. You can rely on your audience being on two screens at once. 


You’re essentially reaching your audience, wherever they are watching.

Video Ads:

In 2024, it’s worth exploring video ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, grabbing the attention of potential customers wherever they are – on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. 

With in-stream and out-stream placements, your ads seamlessly weave into their online media experience, supporting engagement and a long-lasting brand impression. Video content has become a dominant force in the digital landscape, with users increasingly turning to video platforms for entertainment and information.

Connected TV

Advantages of Video Ads:

Seamless Integration: Video Ads seamlessly integrate into the user’s content consumption experience, ensuring non-disruptive and engaging viewing sessions.

Customisation Options: Advertisers can customise their video ads to align with their brand identity, using features such as subtitles, call-to-action, and interactive elements.

Cross-Platform Reach:Microsoft Advertising’s video ads are designed for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a consistent and optimized viewing experience across various devices.

Performance Tracking:Robust analytics provide detailed performance metrics allowing advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their video campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

How can a video strategy grow my brand?

As an agency if you haven’t already considered utilising video ads, here are a few reasons why Diginius believe you should implement Microsoft CTV and Video ads into your 2024 paid strategy.

Exceptional reach: reach larger scale audiences across Microsoft properties, publisher partners and connected TV.

Connect with high-value audiences: utilise Microsoft’s first-first party data signals and audience intelligence to reach your ideal customers with the right message at a time.

A familiar platform: you won’t need to learn a new platform. Set up and manage your new video campaigns directly in Microsoft Advertising.

Control & flexibility : you set the frequency cap – helping you prevent user ad fatigue and plan your budgets and targeting accurately.

What’s Next?

Microsoft Advertising’s Video and CTV ads offer incredible value and strategy, and it’s easy to start. If you’re already running other Microsoft Advertising campaigns, like Search and Audience ads, you’ll set up your new video ad campaigns within the same, familiar platform. If this is your first campaign, you can launch your video and CTV campaigns quickly within the same day. 

An added plus is, with Microsoft there are no long onboarding processes, no setup fees, and it’s simple to optimize. You can upload your video assets that best represent your brand, decide who they show to, and how often people see your video ads across multiple devices – all in a few clicks.

Final Thoughts…

Microsoft Advertising stands at the forefront, providing advertisers with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic world of Connected TV and video ads. With focus on audience targeting, engaging ad formats, and data-driven insights, Microsoft Advertising empowers businesses to connect with their audience in a meaningful way, driving results and fostering brand growth, especially in an age where video consumption is high.
Incorporating Microsoft Advertising’s Connected TV and Video ads into your strategy opens other revenue streams, offering other platforms to reach your target audience in today’s evolving ecosystem.

If you want to find out more about Connected TV and Video advertising on the Microsoft Network, feel free to contact the team at Diginius today.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.