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Strategic online advertising: 5 reasons why you need a Bing PPC Agency 

It is frequently emphasised that online advertising offers you opportunities for growth and great flexibility when it comes to making the most out of your campaign. However, there is a downside to this too. The options can be overwhelming, and many have concerns that they are not getting the most out of the capacities that Microsoft Advertising has as well as not seeing as good a return on investment as they would hope. If this sounds like you, then the solution is a simple one: working with a Bing PPC (pay-per-click) Agency.

If you’re a company or a brand, the support of a PPC agency can make a vast difference to the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and help you build up an effective and efficient strategy, especially if you’re looking to allocate budget onto Microsoft. 

There are various options available for you on Microsoft Advertising and being a part of a Bing PPC agency can help ensure that your search ads and display ads are giving you a high return on investment.  

There are many reasons why you might need a Bing PPC Agency and, in this article, we run through the five most frequent ones. However, before we begin it ought to be established that Microsoft Advertising used to be called Bing Ads. This article focuses on the advertising capabilities of the Bing search engine as well as looking at the wider Microsoft Advertising ecosystem and all the options available within it.

For those who are new to Microsoft Advertising  

If you’re new to Microsoft Ads you might be wondering ‘What is Microsoft Ads?’. It is vital to understand the benefits that come from using the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem and Bing. Google has dominated the digital advertising sphere and although Microsoft doesn’t have the same reach, there are other very valuable metrics to consider.  

On Microsoft, there are consumers that you cannot reach anywhere else and due to less competition and highly effective targeting mechanisms, marketers often report seeing far better results. Bing ads are a central part of the Microsoft ecosystem and whether you focus on search or display ads, ads on Bing are reaching audiences who are more likely to spend online. Moreover, the AI-backed search engine and advertising platform ensures that your campaigns are targeting your preferred audience with accuracy.  

If you haven’t considered diversifying your campaigns by utilising all that Microsoft offers, especially Bing ads, having help from a Bing PPC agency will support you at the beginning of your Microsoft journey. Although the system is user-friendly and setting up a Microsoft Advertising account is easy, you may wish to import campaigns from Google ads to Bing, a specialised analyst can help you manage this transition and allow you to get the most out of your ad spend.

Being a Microsoft Global Partner, we earnestly believe that advertising on Microsoft will give you great result. Here at Diginius, we believe it’s vital for agencies to have support with their Bing PPC management.

What is microsoft ads?

Bing PPC agencies and data-driven marketing decisions  

Successful advertising comes down essentially to knowledge. Knowledge of your audience, what they are searching for, what they respond to as well as knowledge of the advertising platform you are using. This is no easy task.  

Research has shown that data-driven decision-making is the most effective way of ensuring that your digital advertising is engaging your customers. Whether it is more a matter of having access to software that can accurately track your KPIs or having someone to help you optimise your campaigns off the back of this data, an agency which specialises in Bing ad management will help your performance soar. 

How to choose the best PPC software 

Expertise in Bing ads is very valuable, especially in a digital world that is too quick to dismiss the options that Microsoft have to offer. Someone with experience in building campaigns across all platforms but with a specialism in Microsoft will relieve the pressure on you to painstakingly research the ins and outs of this advertising platform. Experience counts for a lot when you are trying to find the most effective and efficient way to build campaigns, design an eye-catching visual or video, think about the right Bing ad extension and write an engaging CTA. After all, you want to unify the world of sales and marketing and ensure that your advertising budget is contributing to your sales.  

Our Diginius Insight Software allows agencies and businesses to access high-quality insights into campaign performance which will reduce the painstaking process of manual comparisons and allow you to reduce costs and increase performance. 

When you come to consider which software is for you, exceptional customer service and company expertise ought to be one of your main priorities.

Expand your advertising horizons with the Bing Ad network 

When you advertise on Bing, you become part of the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem. While Bing, and indeed other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, are a fundamental part of the Microsoft offering, there is more to the platform than simply those types of advertising campaigns.  

With partners across various forms of media and as part of a constantly evolving advertising sphere, you have incredible opportunities to expand. For example, Netflix’s new ads tier has been a very exciting development within Microsoft Advertising. Video and Connected TV ads on Microsoft are a highly successful form of digital advertising and are shown to be a more reliable advertising option than the offerings of other competitors, such as YouTube which is part of Google.  

Bing ads are a great place to start for you to see just how successful ad campaigns are on Microsoft. Whether you are new to Bing ads or looking to optimise your performance, a Bing agency will demonstrate to you just how many possibilities there are.

Do you need a Bing PPC Agency?  

There are manifold reasons why you might be interested in getting on board with an agency to maximise your Bing ads performance. Wherever you are just thinking of embarking on your journey with Bing ads or have been using the platform for a while, an agency will give you the expertise and the tools to go further.  There are various aspects to consider when you are choosing which agency suits you, but you should look for a team that prioritises your needs and seeks to do the best for you and your company. It is through this experience and expertise that your ad campaigns will reach new heights. 

If you’re a marketing agency, head to our website to find out more about our  Diginius Agency Partner Program. Meanwhile, if you are a business managing your paid advertising in-house and you would like our support, discover how our Diginius Insight Platform boosts your ROI. 

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.