YBA PPC Case Study

How YBA uncovered the value of dedicated support

The agency customer: Located in Hertfordshire, UK, YBA PPC is a top Google Premier Partner voted by Google as one of the best in Europe for growing businesses online.

The problem: How to defuse a critical account situation without damaging the business

The solution: Diginius premier support

Working with Diginius has been exceptionally valuable. They are a delight to work with – responsive, on the ball and get the job done!
Laura Moxham


YBA faced one of the most challenging and delicate issues any PPC agency dreads: a client about to launch their first advertising campaign and finding their account suddenly suspended without notice.

The agency turned to Microsoft support for immediate assistance. But unfortunately, the new client’s account had been marked as ‘high risk’ and fraud measures prevented further information from being disclosed to them.

YBA was justifiably frustrated, particularly as it was a straightforward, small account for a run-of-the-mill consumer product in a local area. There was nothing obviously high-risk about it, and other advertising platforms had already accepted the business.

Struggling to make sense of the situation and with no apparent explanation or ability to appeal against the decision, YBA turned to the Diginius support team for help.


The Diginius team escalated the problem to Microsoft. Although Microsoft’s internal legal workings mean that even their own teams are never told why an account has been suspended, by working closely together, Diginius and Microsoft eventually found a solution.

Thanks to intervention by Diginius, Microsoft reviewed the situation, removed the fraud status and reinstated the account – taking just two weeks across multiple time zones to move from impasse to resolution.

The reason for this success is due to Diginius’ support process, which provides a dedicated analyst who is both responsible and accountable for investigating and resolving potential issues. In turn, the Diginius team can quickly escalate issues to a dedicated partner account manager within Microsoft, who interfaces with their internal teams for a much swifter conclusion.


Client satisfaction

YBA was delighted to have provided a swift remedy to the end client and to continue the campaign.

Time saving

Using the Diginius dedicated analyst support service, YBA was able to hand over the entire issue to someone who could break through the barriers, avoiding the stress, time and effort of having to take this on directly.

Premium support

The Diginius and Microsoft partner teams were able to provide immediate premium support - a classic example of the two teams collaborating to resolve an urgent problem that could have been detrimental to the business.

Help on hand

The Diginius team is on hand to help agencies and their clients in several ways, not just on the technical side. For example, specialists assist in pitching the advantages of Microsoft Ads by analysing specific opportunities for the end client (search volume, CPC), providing incentives and marketing collateral for new accounts and sharing industry-specific insights on creating the best value for the end client through Microsoft Ads.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.