The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution is an independent charity dedicated to creating a world where everyone is inspired to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. This is achieved through live events, workshops and lectures, including the world-famous Christmas Lectures which were first broadcast in 1936 and are still televised today. The Royal Institution building is home to the Faraday Museum where over 200 years of science is on display. Visitors can learn about the story of the Ri, the scientists that have worked there and the discoveries that they
made which continue to shape the world of science to this day.

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The Royal Institution was looking for a digital partner to manage its online presence more effectively. With over 1000 campaigns in its Google Ads account, The Royal Institution needed to streamline it and regain control. The Royal Institution wanted to focus its budget on promoting upcoming events, particularly its Christmas lectures, maximising exposure and conversions.


Diginius worked with The Royal Institution to establish advertising priorities based on its business goals. To refine the Google Ads account, new campaigns and ad groups were phased in to replace the previously disorganised structure. By using a more sophisticated account structure, Diginius were able to serve ads to the right users at the right time. Diginius’ changes made the account easier to understand and control, ultimately leading to an increase in relevant traffic to the site.


Diginius’ solution enabled The Royal Institution to hone its digital marketing strategy and achieve the goals that they had established for the first six months.

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