The Most Overlooked Factors to Consider in Online Marketing Reporting Tools

As an agency owner or PPC manager, you may have wondered “what are the most overlooked factors in online marketing and PPC reporting software and how can the factors be of benefit?”. In this blog, we discuss the benefits and opportunities presented by online reporting software to you and your agency.

When it comes to revolutionising your PPC and digital marketing agency for the modern client, reporting is often an afterthought.

However, with the likes of online marketing reporting tools, you can evolve and automate your reporting process, which can open up plenty of opportunities for your business to expand and grow beyond what you initially thought was possible.

To give you an idea of the benefits associated with online marketing reporting tools, here are some of the most overlooked factors that, when fully considered, can provide plenty of added benefits to PPC and digital marketing agencies when it comes to generating your PPC or digital marketing report.

What makes a good PPC report?

A good PPC report should consist of tangible, meaningful data that clearly explains to a client how well their PPC campaigns are performing. This can either be on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the campaigns and their goals, as well as their size and budget.

Additionally, you should ensure you provide summaries of the information to provide your clients with content for the data – not every client will be well-versed in the world of analytics and PPC, and so it’s your responsibility to explain it to them.

What are the benefits of automated report scheduling and PPC ad management software?

So, what are the most overlooked factors and benefits when it comes to online reporting tools?

1. Accuracy

Perhaps the most important part of a PPC report is the level of accuracy you can provide for your clients. After all, they want to see exactly how their various campaigns have performed over the past week or month to give them further insights into how to go forwards with their business.

The accuracy provided by online marketing reporting tools is second to none, utilising machine learning software to analyse your data on a granular scale.

2. Increased efficiency and productivity

The efficiency of your team and their productivity levels are some of the most important factors for business success, and with large amounts of reports to get through every month, this level of efficiency can be greatly impacted.

By introducing automated reporting software into your business, you can help to improve the productivity of your team, giving them more time to focus on campaign optimisations.

3. Ability to handle multiple data sources

When it comes to reporting for clients, often, there are many data sources that need to be compiled and analysed within a report to give a client a full picture of their overall online advertising performance. 

The more data sources that you’re handling as part of your daily PPC management and reporting, the more chances there are of errors being made, especially human error.

4. Time-saving

Nowadays, agencies are regularly up-against it, facing tough deadlines and regular PPC challenges. With reporting to do alongside this, time can become scarce.

Luckily, online marketing reporting tools can help to save on valuable business time, giving you more time to focus on important business tasks while being assured your reporting is being well taken care of.

5. Bring in new clients

While of course one of the biggest benefits of online marketing reporting tools is the ability to deliver insightful reports to a client, they can also be used as an attractive benefit for bringing on potential prospects.

Additionally, by automating your reports process, you can widen your ability to take on even more clients than ever before due to the increased time and resources available to you.

Does Diginius offer automated report scheduling?

The Diginius Insight software works by addressing the opaque nature of digital marketing with a simplified, fully integrated platform that delivers both visibility and transparency to clients.

This can help to increase efficiency within PPC management and offer high-level support across the digital marketing spectrum.

Specially designed in-house, the Diginius Insight software features: 

  • Automated bidding engines across Search and Shopping 
  • Consolidated data across various platforms including GoogleMicrosoft and paid social into a singular view 
  • Agency reporting tools 
  • Multiple modules within the platform, including SEO and lead intelligence

While predominantly focused on PPC, the program can also be utilised by digital marketing and SEO agencies.

Do you need help with your PPC reporting?

PPC reporting, while an incredibly important element of managing clients PPC accounts, can be a time-consuming task that involves the analysis and explanation of multiple channels of information, which can be a drain on business time and resources.

To find out how you can increase your PPC efficiency, contact the team at Diginius today to discuss the Diginius Insight software and its benefits for you as an agency.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.