Scanlon Engineering

Scanlon Engineering is a US-based company founded in 2004, that provides professional land surveying and civil engineering services to clients in both the private and public sectors.

Strengthened by an experienced team with years of knowledge, Scanlon Engineering provide logical solutions to ensure its clients’ project goals are met. They continue to strive to transform communities across Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

“Diginius has helped us grow our online presence by driving much higher volumes of customers to our website. The promotion of our services online has transformed our business, and we’ve consistently seen more enquiries month on month.”


Scanlon Engineering wanted to begin promoting its surveying and civil engineering services online in order to generate a higher volume of qualified inbound leads. They recognised the importance of utilising Google Ads in order to reach prospective clients and chose Diginius based on its proven track record promoting services for B2B companies and working to clients’ specific business goals.


By using expert PPC management, underpinned by technological solutions, Diginius has been able to build and maintain a successful online advertising model for Scanlon Engineering. Diginius’ approach allowed for innovative campaign structuring in order to prioritise high-value projects, ensuring the highest possible return on investment. By combining a broader target area with highly targeted keywords, Diginius has been able to successfully target Scanlon Engineering’s ideal client profile to achieve the desired results.


Through the creation of a successful consolidated strategy across Google Ads, Scanlon Engineering have been inundated with new business. The account continues to grow, with the company seeing a significant increase in the number of enquiries received each month from new prospective clients. The success of Scanlon Engineering’s online ads have resulted in more employees being recruited in order to deal with the surge in requests.

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