PPC Expert Case Study

How PPCExpert generated a 500% return on advertising spend

The agency customer: PPCExpert is a digital advertising agency in Ukraine specialising in ecommerce campaigns for the US market. 

The problem: How to identify non-performing ad placements, generate more revenue and keep ROAS profitable.

The solution: Diginius Insight software with dedicated strategic support

The one-on-one video support from Diginius has been invaluable. Our dedicated campaign strategist has helped us to plan, optimise and significantly improve the performance of our campaigns.

For us, Diginius isn’t just about the range of optimisation tools, but much more. It’s also about the personal approach and great communication. The team really looks after its clients.
Taras Krasnov
Owner, PPC Expert


PPCExpert was experiencing difficulty analysing a particular client’s campaign results from the Microsoft Audience Network. Even with the URL publisher facility within Microsoft Advertising reports, it was still unclear which placements were performing well and which were less successful.

The client’s business was expanding rapidly. Although PPCExpert had tried numerous platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and affiliate platforms, they found that Microsoft Advertising and Google consistently returned the best results and, therefore, wanted to optimise the budget by overcoming the issues.


PPCExpert turned to the Diginius team for help at a particularly critical time when the end client was setting up its Black Friday campaigns.

The Diginius Microsoft Publisher Network tool was used to analyse areas of profit leakage and where to exclude ad placements that were not performing well. PPCExpert also followed the best practice to create a stand-alone feed-based audience campaign. This led to greater control over the spend for the Audience Network and the ability to adjust campaigns for further improvements.


8x increase in spend in just 12 months

$250k additional revenue

500% ROAS reached for other clients

Using the Diginius Insight software solution coupled with expert advice on hand, PPCExpert could monitor the performance of placements. In addition, the ability to bulk exclude the poor performers from ad campaigns created additional time savings.

PPCExpert’s client increased their spend by 8X in 12 months, with almost $250K additional revenue generated. In addition, the ROAS reached over 500% for some other clients. There were also instances where more of the ad budget was spent on Microsoft Advertising than on Google, significantly transforming the budget allocation and results.

Having experienced excellent results with Diginius, PPCExpert now plans to use the tool for all its clients to improve campaign results and generate even more revenue and profit for them.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.