PG Mutual

PG Mutual is an income protection insurance provider founded in 1928 and has been serving clients for over 90 years. As a Mutual Society, PG Mutual is run for the benefit of its policyholders.

“Working with Diginius we were able to create and execute a clear and effective strategy to consolidate our place in the financial services market online. The strategy also expanded PG Mutual into Bing advertising achieving a CPA less than half that of Google, the combined approach has resulted in a 40%+ increase in leads generated per month.”


PG Mutual wanted to maximise its online exposure to generate cost-effective quality leads. Understanding the power of PPC marketing they looked for a provider that they could work closely with to drive growth and scale.

Competition for space within the search and advertising landscape was fierce, mostly showing price comparison websites as well as big insurance players with large budgets. PG Mutual had to punch above its weight.


Search campaigns were deployed across both Google and Bing to maximise effective exposure within PG Mutual’s target market. Partnering with Diginius and its proprietary Diginius Insight Software and managed PPC service, PG Mutual was able to consolidate its position as an effective player in the income protection insurance space.



After 2 years of collaboration with Diginius, PG Mutual has achieved a decrease in CPCs of 11.3% across non-branded campaigns whilst increasing conversions by a monthly average of 27%. Additionally, the decreasing CPC freed up budget for other channels such as Bing/Microsoft Ads and exploring additional ad formats such as display.



Since deploying Bing, optimization efforts have resulted in an increase in average monthly conversions of 17%, which when added to Google’s results represents a total increase in PG Mutual’s monthly average conversions of 44%.


The cost per conversion on Bing was 53.4% less than Google over the same time period.

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Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.