Otavation Case Study

How the Diginius partner program helped to deliver a 39%+ increase in client ad spend

The agency customer: Otavation is an international online marketing agency based in Ireland.

The problem: Receive additional support regarding policies, optimisation, guidance and escalation in case of a query or issue

The solution: Diginius Insight software with dedicated strategic support

I appreciate the additional support we get from Diginius when dealing with policies, optimisation and escalations. These guys have a great connection with the Microsoft team and can reach out on our behalf, saving us time and effort
Frank Otava
CEO, Otavation

About Otavation

Otavation is an international online marketing agency based in Ireland. The company was founded in 2011 by Frank Otava, who has a background working for Google’s European HQ in Dublin. Focusing on eCommerce and lead generation requirements across key industries such as finance and healthcare, the agency prides itself on a personal approach and superior service for every ad campaign.

Why Otavation partnered with Diginius

Otavation joined the Dignius Partner Program to benefit from the solid relationship with Microsoft and to receive additional support services related to advertising, such as policies, optimisation, guidance and escalation in case of a query or issue. Although Otavation has a very traditional and strong focus on Google Ads, the agency found that clients were looking to expand beyond their existing target markets and increase their spend and reach. As a result, they turned to Microsoft Advertising to capture new audiences, such as more affluent and sophisticated markets, which are particularly interesting to the finance and healthcare markets.

Partnership Benefits

Aside from the financial advantage of joining the Diginius Partner Program, Otavation has benefited from dedicated support for any query or issue regarding running a Microsoft Advertising campaign. For example, Otavation faced an issue relating to a merchant store disapproval on the advertising account. Diginius used its internal escalation process within Microsoft to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem, avoiding a potential impact on the business. Otavation has also benefited from the personalised advice and guidance provided by Diginius on using Microsoft Advertising campaign’s unique features for the best effect and success. The agency now uses Google as the onboarding platform for new clients as many are already familiar with Google Ads and then use Microsoft Advertising for their business expansion strategy. In this way, advertising budgets have increased across the board.


39% Increase in client ad spend

Aside from fast turnaround with support issues and more effective campaigns, Otavation has experienced an impressive 39% year-on-year increase in spend on the Microsoft Advertising platform amongst end clients. Having witnessed success with the current strategy of commencing with Google and expanding through Microsoft, Otavation plans to continue with this approach and to take advantage of the Dignius Partner Program benefits moving forward.

Above all, we value the personalised guidelines on how to expand the Microsoft audience network. Even though we have significant experience with paid advertising, Diginius gave us some great suggestions on making the most of the Microsoft audience, what kind of campaigns to run and how to be more effective.
Frank Otava
CEO, Otavation

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.