Lead Intelligence Software

software for B2B sales and marketing insights

Are you a company looking to gain valuable insights into B2B website visitors and maximise growth? Through our GDPR compliant Lead Intelligence software, you can do all this and more by engaging warmer, high quality leads.

Why do you need Lead Intelligence software?

According to research, 98% of the prospects who visit your website don’t make direct contact, impacting the number of marketing leads coming through the funnel.

But with website traffic comes potential interest; someone who’s looking for a product or service you provide, you just didn’t manage to capture their attention in those first crucial 52 seconds. Lead Intelligence software gives you a second chance at capturing those leads through powerful IP tracking, identifying who has visited your website and which web pages they viewed.

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How you can use this data?


Identify the organisation structure and decision making process, recognising key decision makers, end users and influencers to streamline lead qualification.


Boost sales outreach through an increase in warm, engaged leads.


Build a profile of companies researching you to help inform outreach.


Analyse the interest of current opportunities to maximise conversion.


Is there a company you want to work with? Follow-up with them directly after their website visit to capture their interest before competitors.

Keep track

Keep track of which competitors are visiting your website and the pages they are viewing.

Integration with Google and Bing ads

Integrated with Google and Bing ads, our Lead Intelligence software allows you to recapture leads you have already paid for.

The software is able to track the keyword the visitor triggered, giving you greater insight into specific user intent for a warm and targeted follow up.

Increasing conversion rates through warm leads

At Diginius, we believe every lead has potential. That’s why our Lead Intelligence software matches unique visitors to agencies and companies, giving sales and marketing teams the chance to follow-up with potential leads and convert them into opportunities. 

Warm leads are 12.9% more likely to convert than cold leads. Knowing the prospect has visited your website and which landing pages they have viewed allows your sales and marketing team to go in with a warmer approach, based on genuine prospect interest rather than a cold call.

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More leads, straight to your sales and marketing teams

Within the Lead Intelligence software, you have the ability to send out daily and weekly email reports straight to your sales team for follow-up. These reports detail traffic, unique visitors, company names, pages visited and more, helping you create a personalised and targeted follow-up campaign.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.