Art UK

Art UK is a charity working to make art accessible to everyone, by digitising artworks from over 3,250 UK institutions. It creates public engagement opportunities by showcasing over 220,000 artworks on its website. The ‘Stories’ and ‘Art Detective’ features encourage wider exploration of the Art UK collection. Education is also prioritised – the charity runs national competitions and challenges for school children, as well as bringing masterpieces into schools across the country.

“We had been running the Google Ad Grant account for some time however we felt that expert help was needed to maximise its potential. We turned to Diginius and they helped us fully utilise our ad grant and generate significantly more traffic as a result.”


Art UK was looking to increase its online presence and engage new customers. With room within its Google Ad Grant to grow its campaigns, they wanted to maximise spend whilst complying with Google Ad Grant’s requirements. This in turn would increase traffic through the site and sales in the online shop. In order to achieve these goals, Art UK chose to work with Diginius to optimise its Google Ads account.


Diginius was able to streamline the Art UK Google Ads account to make it easier to navigate. By restructuring campaigns, greater control was gained, enabling Diginius to identify priorities for growth. Refining keywords and match types ensured higher relevancy to users’ search queries, boosting its Quality Score. Not only is this critical to maintaining its Ad Grant, it also results in a higher ad rank, increasing visibility. The ads were improved to make them more prominent within search results, ultimately leading to an increase in clicks. Diginius
worked closely with Art UK to expand the account, developing new content based on its priorities and upcoming campaigns.


Diginius provided a cost-effective managed solution to help grow its online presence. Art UK have been able to use the maximum potential of its Google Ads Grant account. New campaigns were introduced, and existing ones scaled. More impressions, clicks and conversions reflect higher website traffic since overhauling its campaigns. A dramatic increase in CTR has generated more relevant users visiting the site and more flexibility within its budget.

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