6 Powerful Domain Authority Factors

How Strong is Your Website in the Search Engines?

Your website’s Domain authority demonstrates how strong your website is in comparison to other websites within Google’s SERPs rankings. There are many factors that are deliberated while calculating DA, so you have to go after a multitude of factors. With this in mind, below is an SEO guide on the best ways to boost your DA scores. Enjoy.
Linking root domains: DA is highly reliant on on the amount of sites linking back to you. The metrics are calculated by taking in to account how many sites are linking to your site and that indirectly helps to increase the value of your site.
Moz Rank: The Mozrank of a domain is founded on its backlink profile and is graded from 0-10; with the highest score of 10 being the best you can aim for. Mozrank highlights your domain’s best backlinks, so a few back links from first-class domains is viewed as being a better alternative than going after a higher number of backlinks from really low quality domains.
Moz trust: Similar to Moz Rank, Moztrust looks at your vicinity with high authority links. The tool measures how good your relations and networks are with reliable domains. If a site linking to your website is being linked to any high authority website then you are going to be massively rewarded.
For example: Presume site A has linked this article on domain authority in a post and this post is then linked by other high authority websites like a .gov site then it’s my site that gets a boost in Moztrust.
Quality content: High-quality content will boost your DA scores. Google loves high-quality content and by having fresh, unique good quality content uploaded to your blog or in an external article linking back to your site, people will want to read it and share it. This all influences your domain authority. So focus on refreshing the blog content and publishing articles on external high-quality websites, blogs and publications.
Social signals: Although some SEO’s say social signals aren’t a ranking factor I would look at them as trust signals. Each time one of our articles gets shared across Social Media then these social signals inform Google that you are relevant and a reliable source of information and an authoritative domain.
SEO Friendly Domains: An SEO friendly website will enable it to become recurrently more visible in Google’s SERPs. Your authority will increase as more people will read and share the content of your site.
By following the above 6 domain authority boosting factors, you will help to increase the DA scores of your own site.

Chester Yang is the Microsoft Program Manager at Diginius with a background in economics and quantitative research.  

At Diginius, Chester focuses on nurturing partnerships with PPC agencies and integrating marketing and sales solutions.